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I'm just a girl who loves Jesus. I blog Disney, OUAT, Creddie, HIMYM, Fruits Basket, Sherlock, way too many text posts, and random cheesy things about ships, my life, or ships IN my life. Also I have a lot of GIFs and I haven't made any of them. So I'll probably steal yours and just not claim to have made them. You're welcome. ;)
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I need the outfit computer n I need it now

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i think it’s kind of hilarious that all these dark, powerful sorceresses seek rumplestiltskin’s love/approval and yet the only woman he truly ever loves is his bookish little maid who doesn’t even do magic


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Hold me but don’t touch me but I need you to love me but I want to be left alone please go away don’t leave me here help me I can do it by myself can you explain everything ever I’m not stupid ugh how dare you oh my gosh you’re the best

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